Spring is in the air and now is the time to get off the electronics and explore your universe. Exploring can take all kinds of forms....reading, writing, visiting, creating, adventuring into the unknown....but most of all learning, enjoying, and expanding your point of view.

I am taking the same advice as I share with you and it will be in the form of reporting my adventures here as I research topics for a new nonfiction series of childrens books. What topics interest you? Creatures in the ocean? Not so famous women in history? Haunted houses?  Snakes? Disease, cure, medicine, science, astronomy. space, insects, ........Let's explore 2017 together and have the adventure of a lifetime just by reading and writing .....First stop will be.............You tell me.






September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness so time to bring out my Children's Picture book

The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane is a timeless picture book for kids with cancer or their friends who want to understand just a smiggen of what it is like to deal with cancer every day. Lilly is a fictional character based on several real life kids I have cared for over the years as a pediatric nurse. In the spunky and hopeful ABC format, Lilly lets the reader know some of what it is like to deal with cancer, things like Icky Stomach, Needles, Blood and urine tests, and all kinds of not so fun stuff that helps the doctors make Lilly better. It gives parents and adults the opportunity to talk openly about things like being bald or being too tired to play. It even brings up the D word... dying, because kids and their friends want to know about it and they may be too afraid to ask. The book also has a coloring book that complimemts the text.  
Ask your local library to get a copy or you can purchase the book and the coloring book at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble book stores. If they don't have it ask them to order it.  It has been illustrated by award winning Dawn Phillips and the colorful illustrations add fun and cheer. 

Look for more books in the series covering Juvenile Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Juvenile Arthritis, and Cerebral Palsey to name a few..... real kids want to know.


Welcome to my author website

Hello friends,

Those of you who have  visited my page, click on the Blog tab for the newest entry. If you are new here Welcome:

I write all kinds of fun and interesting stories for children and I write some pretty cool stuff for adults too.  My favorite stories are about children who have a problem and find a good way to solve it. My next best thing to write about are different animals. I love kittens, puppies, ponies, and alpacas. Adults will like my prayerbook, and I am working on Christian fiction, a quilting book, and health and wellness ideas for mom and dad.

This website will feature stories, recipes, crafts, and interesting facts for children and their parents. Maybe we can share ideas about what you like to read. There will also be a chance for you to submit a story to share. I have all kinds of fun stuff planned for us. And I want mom and dad to enjoy what they find here too. No matter what kind of family you have, hopefully you will find interesting things to read, activities to try, and ways to stay healthy.

The very first item on my list is to find the ideas that interest you.  I need your help. Leave a comment and give me some suggestions for what you think a good topic would be? I can't wait to read your ideas.

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March 2012

School is almost over for the year, spring break is this month for most, and I have great plans for school visits next year. Here are the topics I can bring to your school:

Writing Picture Books

First Aide for First Grade

First Aide for Second Grade

First Aide for Third Grade

Sharing Your State

Helping others

As the author of a prayer book for adults and a picture book for children, I have a passion for helping children learn to love reading and writing. As a nurse I can also offer children basic skills to help others in need and to recognize how satisfying it can be to develop these skills.

Watch for upcoming dates available for school visits and specific outlines for content to be posted here soon.






August 2011

School has resumed after a busy holiday season.  It is time to gather new school supplies, organize your bedroom and closet, and get back into the swing of homework. Here are some tips to make your second semester the best ever.

  • Be organized. Set out your clothes for school the night before. Pack your lunch, put your school books or school bag by the door, and have all the things you need each morning all ready to go before you go to sleep each night.
  • Keep your bedroom clean, make your bed each morning, put your clothes away, and be responsible for your belongings
  • Have an area either in your room, family room, or kitchen where you do your homework each night. Keep pencils, erasers, paper, and a waste can handy. Make it in an area that has bright lighting so you avoid straining your eyes.
  • If your study area is near the computer, avoid being distracted with it unless you need to use if for a paper or research. Finish homework first, then there will be computer time.
  • Shower at night to avoid being late in the morning. Taking your shower at night might also give you an extra few minutes to sleep.
  • Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Children up to the age of 18 need three meals a day, plenty of water and milk, and 8-10 hours of sleep each night. I know sometimes it is impossible to get that much sleep if you are doing homework, have after school activities, or have family obligations in the evening and I know you have to have friend time too. But it really does help you to have the brain power you need to do well in school if you eat well and get your rest.

These tips can be narrowed down to one line of advice. Develop good eating, sleeping, studying, and organization habits and it will lead to a successful end of the school year. Try it for a few weeks and see how it feels.