About Us

Terri Forehand is the author of an adult prayer book titled The Cancer Prayer Book. She also has a children's book titled The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane due out in the summer of 2012. She writes both fiction and nonfiction for children and adults as well as health related material to promote health and wellness.  Visit her blog for parents and children who are dealing with chronic and terminal illness at http://heartfeltwords4kids.blogspot.com. Her blog for The Cancer Prayer Book is at http://thecancerprayerbook.blogspot.com A fun blog for those who are beginning writers and those interested in writing for children can be found at http://terri-forehand.blogspot.com She is also the blog editor for Stories for Children Publishing at http://familiesmatter2us.blogspot.com She lives with her husband of 28 years on ten acres in Indiana. They have 3 horses, 6 alpacas, 3 cats, 9 dogs, and 6 new puppies. They also have grown children and grandchildren who  give the author hundreds of new ideas for children's stories.




Puppy Update: We found good loving homes for 7 of the puppies so we only have 5 puppies left. Here is the math problem to represent the puppy count as of today.


We started out with 12 puppies       OR        We found homes for 7 puppies

We gave away 7 puppies                            Plus the 5 puppies we have left

How many puppies do we have left?            How many puppies did we start with?


 12                                                                                      7

- 7                                                                                     + 5

___                                                                                   _____

= 5                                                                                    =  12

 There is math in many activities of everyday living. And there is more than one way to solve a math problem.  Shopping, measuring for recipes, counting baseball cards, adding the days until school starts, and looking at the clock to see how long it is before dinner are all ways to use math and numbers. Where else do you use math, numbers, or counting in your daily routine?