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I am pleased to announce that I have several children's books published by Pen It Publications. I want to keep active links to their site and also to some of their authors and their author blogs here for your easy access to great books. Any Pen It Author is welcome to send me a link to have their work listed here. We are a family of authors and we support the work of our Peers so please check out the publishers website and the online bookstore. 

Pen It! Publications,LLC is also accepting submissions. Check out their website for the book shop and current needs for submissions.


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 I have a blog where I review books for children. Carla's Cloud Catastrophe is a funny and imaginative book for children ages 4-8. Carla is missing her birthday party because the clouds are falling from the sky into the town where she lives. Can you imagine if that reallly happened on your birthday? What would you do? It seems silly but oh what fun stomping through the clouds might be.

If mom or dad wants to read more about this fun book by children's author Beth Bence Reinke one click on the link will take them right to it.





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It is a new day.....

09/06/2017 23:34
It is with renewed interest and passion that I am pursueing writing even more books for children. Please check back often for the progress I am making and maybe even some book signings you may want to attend. My first signing will be at Riley's Childrens Hospital here in Indianapolis....
I have changed the template for the website to fit our new home and where I now find inspiration for my writing...in  the  hills of Brown County Indiana. The beauty here is spectacular in a woodsy way, giving visitors the feel of  coming home. Log cabins, small town hospitality, and...

Welcome Friends.

07/19/2011 05:53
Welcome to this site. I am so glad you are here. I hope you find fun, information, ideas, and inspiration to make your day complete.

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My Favorite Part of a New School Year

My favorite part of starting a new school year or a new writing project is gathering my supplies. I love notepads, sticky notes, fun pens, and goofy paper to write my stories. What is your favorite part of starting a new school year? Is it the new teacher, making new friends, being in a new grade, or learning new things? If you really don't like school, is there one thing you can try this year to make it better? Write and let me know how your new school year is going? I would love to hear about it.

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09/12/2017 23:51
This season has been filled with many natural disasters which can be more than frightening for young children. Hurricanes, forest fires, flooding, and tornados have been a consistent thing for the past several weeks. As parents it can be difficult to help your child cope when you are in the midst...

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First Aid for First Grade

10/08/2020 00:00

Excerpt from my first draft of First Aid for First Grade: Mrs. Bittlebottom and The Bloody Arm- comments in the comment or guest book section are welcome.


Mrs Bittlebottom held up an arm. It had something red dripping. Could it be blood?  The whole class saw it. The first grade students kept their eyes glued to the arm.   Was it real or fake?  Wes James leaned closer to the arm. Fake, he was sure of it.


Wes watched and listened.  Katie White turned white. Pricilla Estes groaned and put her head on her desk. Eddie Bates tried not to throw up. Wesley could hear him two seats back. He  made sounds like his dog, Rex.  Rex made those  sounds when he gagged on a bone. Wes tried not to laugh.


" If you see a friend bleeding, would you know what to do?" asked Mrs. Bittlebottom.  No one in first grade raised their hands.

Wes's heart was beating fast. This was the best class ever. He was going to like first aid for first grade. Charlie did not like first aid or first grade.  Charlie didn't listen. He twisted scraps of paper into snakes instead.

Wes and Charlie were best first grade friends. Wes wants to be a paramedic like his uncle.  Charlie didn't know what he wanted to be.

 Wes listened to everything Mrs. Bittlebottom said about first aid for first graders.  He listened when she said  " Make sure it is safe to help so you don't get hurt too" and " If you see a friend bleeding, send someone else to get help."

Wes heard her say "First put on gloves or cover your hand with your shirt" and "Put pressure on the cut"  He was still listening when she said  "Stay with your friend so no one is scared."

Charlie was too busy to listen. Recess was in a five minutes.  He kept thinking how he wanted to beat Wes to the slide. He fidgeted. He whispered. He tapped his pencil. He let out a squeeky whistle.   The kind  you make sucking in air through your front teeth when one tooth is missing.


Mrs. Bittlebottom gave Charlie the "look" and he quickly turned to watch the clock, tick-tock-tic. Finally the bell rang for recess. Charlie jumped up dashing for the door.


"Chaar-leeeeeeee!"  Mrs. Bittlebottom said Charlie's name. She said it in a loud  voice.  Her tongue shrilled the "leeeeeeee" part of Charlie's name.  Tiny drops of spit sprayed like a garden hose through her teeth. Charlie slid back to his seat. He thumped his knee against the desk. It sounded like a drum. He was in a hurry  to be outside away from first aid and Mrs. Bittlebottom.


What do you think will happen next? Will Wes or Charlie ever need to use their skills in first aid?